Who Am I

by admin

Hi and welcome! I’m Shama, and this is my little website. I travel ,write, and I take pictures of various places and property. As for who am I – I am a Property Reviewer, Photographer and a Blogger(for the money)

This is my Blog, I manage all the tech things myself. Cause I believe if you want to do something right do it yourself. 

I’ve spent 4 years in learning the ropes of travel and tourism industry with a MBA and a Diploma in my hand. Travel is not just my passion its a way of living I feel Suffocated if I stay in a place for too long. I am a Solo traveler by all means. Truth to be told I work in day for someone else as a Social Media Marketer. And Write my blogs at night. I wish to do the latter Full time. The objective behind this blog is how to travel but in budget and that too in luxury . I want to give you best places to stay without burning a hole in my pocket. I cover Luxury Property, Hostels, and semi budget properties. 

Nature and aesthetic beauty are very important to a me.I  enjoys being outside and looking for beautiful views or places that are particularly camera-friendly. I am most happy in  an artistic space or when I can  surround myself meaningful and open minded people. I am a Self motivator. 

Although I have no reservations about expressing my femininity and choosing feminine styles,I am a  tomboy at heart who is often seeing participating in activities that is usually male dominated. 

In the cooking department, I’m a food enthusiast with an appetite for almost anything.  I love desserts, especially  Cheese Cake, Custard, Cupcakes, and A Cake (Blueberry). Though i am a horrible cook .

I try to cook things that are practical, interesting, and delicious. Pasta is my go to Dish. I love any water activity especially Diving and swimming.

Along with the love of  reading new books that really teaches you something. I am also fond of Gardening. Love  anything that smells like “Rose“. Huge Fan of of Nicole Tesla and Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Neil D. Tyson and David Attenborough and Keanu Reeves . Loves Ocean and Scuba Diving . Huge Huge Fan of Space Exploration. Travel Xp, Discovery Channel, Nat Geo and NDTV good times are what i watch if i am not travelling.

On a more personal level, i am  down to earth, practical, methodical person. I have a weird sense of Fashion apart from all that a finely tuned senses, and an eye for beauty, But i can also be a pain on the A** . However, most of the time you will find me as a , gentle, hardworking soul  who is  loyal, steadfast and although known to be somewhat frugal. Ha ha ha

Thanks for visiting!