What makes a Hostel a Better Hostel with Backpacker Panda

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When we talk about Hostels we think of - smelly rooms, Unclean Bathrooms and god knows what kind of roommates we can get but backpacker panda is here to change all that.  Backpacker panda is an exclusive Hostel chain that caters to ever segment of audience or traveler.  Whether you are solo traveler or a group traveler backpacker panda hostels got you covered.  They have excellent WI-FI, a 24 hrs desk to help, an open kitchen open for again 24 hr. Now all these qualities make backpacker panda a better hostels.

Now as you are such a good audience to have. I want to give you something back. Now backpacker Panda has a License Program going on and what to say i have a license just for you people. Now you ask what does this license do well with this license whenever you stay in backpacker hostel anywhere in India then you can get special discounts and prizes and i am going to give you this license for FREE. Yes you heard it FREE. 

All you have to do is Follow me TRAVEL WITH SHAMA and BACKPACKER PANDA  

and Comment done that's it and you will be eligible for this license 

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