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udaipur is known for its fancy hotels and you can find tons of article on “udaipur places to visit “. If we check the udaipur weather it’s always humid, dry. But Luxury is defined by udaipur as the place i stayed i.e Araliayas resort is.

In addition to this Udaipur is also known for its lake palace.

Then the question arises if its a Dry,Humid, Over Populated Place then Why is Udaipur famous ?

First and Foremost I am going to ask you guys to be very open Minded, by the time you are reading this. I am pretty sure that you have seen Udaipur with your own eyes or saw it in your Instagram feed , how spectacular this place is.

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How to reach Udaipur

Of Course the most logical answer in my case is through Bus Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation(RSRTC) .

Reasons for this is – 1. They are Cheap, Safe, on time and A bus is available all day every day.

So, Furthermore after booking Tickets Next on my list is to book a Stay , and it gets ugly here , why you ask . Cause it’s a Jungle.

I am browsing around for a while now and i haven’t met my match yet. Something or other gets wrong like Location or Budget or Dates and importantly REVIEWS.

Finally something that caters to everything i need came in front of like a Miracle and I grabbed that Miracle, and the name of this Miracle was ARALIAYAS RESORT

Where i stayed

Araliayas Resort is Situated at Near Naigaon, Udaipur Jhadol Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 


Araliayas Resort Also has a Infinity Pool and a Bonfire area which is epic

The Infinity Pool


Now i know you wanna know about this property inside out so ” Your Wish is my Command “

Udaipur City walk

Now, while i was staying at ARALIAYAS RESORT, I decided to explore Udaipur like a Local

And i hired a Local Travel Guide – Walk and Pedal Travel Tours.

Pushpendra Singh Shaktawat

A young entrepreneur working hard for his success, – –
He is passionate about culture and heritage and wishes to incorporate his passion with an innovative approach to tourism that involves visiting places that are significant either to the past or the present cultural identity of India.

So, let’s start my tour. Our first stop was a art lesson at Ashoka Arts Classes, Mind this is the only approved class by Lonely planet

an elephant dressed up

Then i went to Gangaur Ghat so that i can enjoy some of the architectural wonders of Udaipur

After that i went to see the old Udaipur city

After seeing the beautiful alleys of Udaipur we head towards the Spice market of udaipur

That was the end of the tour, to get more insight of the tour watch the full video here

Thank you so much for watching and reading the whole story, i really appreciate it

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