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Each episode of Travel with Shama focuses on a different travel destination and Various Food Culture. We focus on why you should go there and what should you do for a one week itinerary. What should you see? What should you do? What should you eat?
A typical episode is an interview of someone who has visited a destination, lives at a destination, or wrote the book on it.


The Velas Turtle Festival is one of India’s premier destinations (apart from Orissa) for viewing the Olive ridley turtles hatch and head to the sea. The conducive environment created on the beach, helps female turtles trust and leave its eggs on this beach for it to hatch. The turtle conservation program also helps in everyone in this area being aligned to preserving and conserving turtles. It’s also India’s first formal program to stay in villages with the locals and then watch the turtles head out into the sea from the observatory.

I am in conversation with Mr. Kartik From Katchu Travels where we get to know about this festival, how to reach there where to stay and how to can get luckily and if you want to know more so check his blog out.



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