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Nainital is a popular hill station in the Indian state of Uttarakhand andheadquarters of Nainital district in the Kumaon foothills of the outer Himalayas.Situated at an altitude of 2,084 meters above sea level. Nainital is set in a valley containing a mango-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, andsurrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina on the north,Deopath on the west, and Ayarpatha on the south. That means that this city is beautiful from every angle. Like I am not a morning person but this city definitelyturned in to one during the time I stayed here, hell I even watched the sunset sipping my coffee from my beautiful hotel room which is situated just outside theNaini Lake which makes my rooms with the best view of the Naini Lake –

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The Himalaya Hotel.( Check them out )

Now, this is the place where I stayed, Pretty right. But now let's talk about theplace itself. But let’s get this straight, the main attraction of this place is the Naini lake whichis the main jewel of the crown. Naini lake is so important for this place that there
are measures taken by the Uttarakhand government like had pipes in the lake tosupply oxygen, Cleaning is done every month and also fishing is prohibited in thelake all year and only once in a year, fish is caught. I mean due to this the fishes grew up to the size of a grown man arms, that is huge right.

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Where to go

The Snow View point, The aerial view of Nainital, Naini Lake boat ride, Suicide
Point/Lovers Point, The cable Ride, The Naina Devi temple and Observatory and
Nainital Zoo

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Things to remember

Although Nainital is a very famous tourist attraction but Heavy vehicles do notenter the City premise and there are smaller vehicles leaving round the clock up to10’oclock at night. Although it is a small city, but I would say hire a guide as well as a car which will be comfortable for you. The area is less into cashlesstransaction so carry cash with you, although ATM's are available in the city. And the weather is Chilly even in summers during the sun is up and it gets worse asthe sun gets down, so pack jacket and warm clothes for infants.

How to travel

Overnight sleeper buses are most convenient for travellers and HRCT buses are also available (tickets are not above 1000 Rupees which according to me are bestway to get around in North.) For sightseeing private cars are available, you can also ask your hotel/Hostel to call a private cab for you as well. This are only theways to can get around in the town without inconvenience. Renting facilities arealso available at every hotel desk.

Where to stay

Most places in this city offer affordable options with prices starting from 600/nightin hostels and guesthouses. Hotel prices can vary between 3,000 to 10,000. Depending on the level of luxury you choose. It is always a better idea to choose one which offers breakfast and transfers and also help in inter city transport and day trips outside the city as well. But see what I chose is a semi budget – luxury resort.

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What to eat

Nainital’s lip-smacking old-style cuisine is a must try for food paramours. Just like in any other dwelling of India, Nainital also has its own exclusive blend of spicesand herbs to create reliable dishes having a nice aroma, delicious taste, and a tempting presentation. Some of them are RAS (a semi liquid preparation made with varieties of dal, very nutritive and served with rice), BHATT KI CHURKANI (Rice paste and black bhatt are its main ingredients) and my favourite Dessert -ARSA (Its main ingredients are jaggery, rice, and mustard oil. It is also a healthyrecipe as ingredients like jaggery and mustard oil are used)





My Breakfast at the Hotel



Famous for

Nainital is famous for exquisite candles and they come in all shapes, Size andflavours and Texture and that also is range form very cheap to expensive so youcan shop around so don’t forget to shop for souvenirs.

My experience

Trust me the night I was going back I was thinking why I am leaving this beautifulplace so soon, I got so comfortable and in such short time that was like a miracle.I will say that the place I stayed was partially responsible for this. As I had most breathing taking view room. Usually I always had this feeling that lets go back assoon as we can (lets pack and go and go back to my home toilet) But trust the morning I woke up the birds were chirping and just was thinking that day before Iwas in metro smelling some weird lady sweat. Yes, that what happens in DelhiMetro. Well let’s not indulge in anything other than Nainital. So, as I was takingabout the experience of Nainital. The local Markets were breaming with smiles and merchants selling woollen clothes, candles. And of course, the night view isworth a million bucks it’s as if all the star left the sky and came down on earth justto greet you. And Nainital should be n every traveller list these are those feelings that you cannot put into words just you have to experience by yourself. It is not only a solace for a single traveller but only a family friendly destination.
Thank you so much for reading the entire article, I know reading is sometimes so oh not so well.

But this article and photos are all mine. 

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