Travel Blogger’s Guide To 5 Must Have Travel Apps To Explore India

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Episode - 4

Yes, Play Store Apps can make your Travel easy especially in India.

Travelling as you see on social media is not all fun and games. It also have a side that involves tremendous management technique especially when you are solo travelling India. 

Then you are incharge of A to Z of travelling you have to go through your expenses, make travel plans, accomodation, Food, transportation, Safety and the list goes on and on.

And being a  Solo Female traveller in India. I have some tricks upon my sleeve. And as the technology progresses there are various apps in the app store that can ease that burden down for you.

And if you are travelling and exploring  India. I am sure this will ease your burden a little less.

So here is my Tried and Tested 5 Must App to explore INCREDIBLE INDIA.

  1. Triposo

  2. IRCTC Connect

  3. Google Pay/ PayPAL

  4. Paytm 

  5. Incredible India

This Apps Collectively increase your Exploring India easy, From Paying Restaurants bills to booking/Cancelling tickets, Hotels, Hostels, Vendors, finding cool hangspots ( like a Local ) all in this 5 Apps recommended by Bloggers

Thank you so much for listening, I hope you enjoyed and Learned. Here is the Link of my other Episodes. Till then Keep travelling. I am out.

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