The Side Effects of Visiting Manali


Now, I know that what are you thinking this is just one of the other article in Internet that tells you how beautiful Manali looks and you should go there. But this is not, yes this is not that article that you think and you came to read. Its much more than that, this article will tell how exactly I felt while I was visiting Manali, and how it affected me first of all I want to thanks my Mom and Dad that they always support me in all my crazy adventures and always helped me out in my crazy times. So, lets Dive in. This is a Diary for my visit of 1 nights and 2  days in the most magical Manali

Day – 0

I left for Manali at  Night from Kashmeri Gate Metro Station at Around 9:30 pm in a Volvo Bus service that has told that it will drop us Manali by 6 am in the morning. Now all of think that what you started your journey in a Bus and then you are going to sleep and wake up in the beautiful scenery of Manali. But For me it’s not about the destination, it’s always about the journey that takes me to a destination and especially at Night, when the whole world sleeps around you and you are the only one awake looking at the sky trying to find bright shiny dots that always makes you excited yes, I am a night owl that loves to Sleep as well, ( I love sleeping when sun is out) So Back to the Bus Journey. The Night Journey is always something that makes me at ease you know, the uncomfortable Bus seats ( I am a Cheap Ass Traveller ) , The soft old melodies played inside the Bus and with the Road bumps ( Yes, It’s the Trademark for Indian Roads) rummaging with the Engine voice and try to get some shut eye and then in the middle of the road you encounter the whole bunch of stars that shine like  a bag of sparkles that got accidently sprinkled on the floor, and you smile Ah the best feeling right. And then your eyelids gets heavier and forget everything and Sleep after that time files by and you wake up with the loud noises of the People around you. And Then Check-in into your Beautiful Hotel – Hotel Manali New snow Bird Manali point by taking a beautiful auto rickshaw ride (while bargaining the fair)

Check out the Video to know more about where I stayed

Day 1 –

The Vashisht Temple 

Waking up to the beautiful and Cold (extremely freezing) weather of Manali as going for the Local Sightseeing while Hiring a cab from the Locals. But before that I had to have my Breakfast ( the most important Meal of the day )wher e i was served the classic Indian breakfast.  I started the Sightseeing with a Hot Water Spring – Vashista  Temple where you just Relax by dipping your leg ( or Yourself Fully if you have a Swimming costume or else shots ) in the sulphurous hot water  and contemplate life ( Yes Hot water brings out the artist in me) so after taking a Bath i went to pray in the temple to start my Day.








Hidamba Devi Temple -

After then i went to Hidamba Devi temple – which is one of the famous Spots in Manali (By Tourists), the legend has it that if you ask the Goddess something with a True heart and it gets approved like if you made a wish in this temple and that wish is granted by the Goddess than you have to come back and say thanks and if you don’t your wish will be reversed back.  Yes that is true. (ask the Local).

Then i head to Beas River where i enjoyed a beautiful chilly Sunset just by sitting around the banks of River listening to the Beautiful sound of water and clicking some of the epic shots ( at least i think that they are epic) and heard a very dangerous story about this place, that it is actually an no entry Zone cause these areas are in the Flooding zone and in 2017 there was an incident where 7 people tragically lost  there life after the dam gates where open and they had no clue about it and they were all drowned so these is a very dangerous  yet beautiful zone.

After that i head back to my hotel to eat a Full course 5 star meal and have some Shut eye  ( back to my comfortable Bed ) while enjoying the Starry night from my own personally Balcony sipping my late night tea and thinking about all the beautiful memories i made here and i have to go back to my old Routine while this scenery will be forever embedded in my mind before sleeping.

Check out the Video of the places I went 

Day 2 – last night after Stuffing myself with delicious Food i slept like a Baby inside my hotel room which felt so homely and Spacious. Outside it was -14 degree but inside my room it was warm and comfy and 24 hr room service  was a cherry on top. So due to this great hospitality by the Hotel new Snow point Staff i woke up to another refreshing and beautiful morning in the arms of Manali .

Gulabo - 

And  when the morning came,  after taking a refreshing Shower i headed for my Breakfast ( Complimentary free breakfast )  today i am heading to Gulabo , Where i am going to enjoy Snow, yes Snow and Built a Snow man ( which didn’t happen ) I rented some winter gear like Shoes and Suit ( a blue one – didn’t wanna be  caught by the Fashion Police ) and headed to the location in a rented Cab and then rest is history.

I played in Snow till my legs started freezing and my hands where saying please stop and let us live – It is true. After that i headed to a mountain nearby Gulabo for some Skii –in which i was super horrible i went there while riding a Horse named Salman yes that was the horse name, the path was very dangerous i thought this is my last ride ( even told my brother to clear my browsing History) LOL. After coming back to civilization, I gave my Skii Suit back and then  i had something to eat in the local Market ( Momos and some eggs with Chips) waiting for my Bus for Delhi.   With a heavy heart i said bye to the beautiful Manali And My Hotel room as i was thinking for having my retirement plan ( LOL Not kidding )

My Experience about the Trip –

Very Very Good – Value for the Money and extremely beautiful place and my hotel was really Beautiful

Now, i know what are you thinking the title say  - The Side effects of  Manali but hey you haven’t read anything bad so here is the Catch – You have been fooled. There is no side effects of Travelling anywhere

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