The Reason Why Everyone Love Instagram Cafes.

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If you are unfamiliar with Instagram Cafes then let me try to explain. people this days are obsessed with Food Photography ( like how can someone wait and take pictures of their food on the table and post it over Instagram. I just forget everything after i see my food). But along with that some people prefer to eat in a  well lighted, over a wooden table, along with a glass window ( whatever) so having a good ambience also matter. This article is about that type of Places aka Instagrammable Cafes.

Now with the title you have pretty much got the Idea, what this long lengthy article will be so before you jump around Stick and waste another 5 minutes of your life on this page. Kidding OMG you guys are the best. Now how can you think that i will trash talk you. Thank you so much for reading this 

Nowadays, the cafes and restaurants not just have to present a finely decorated mouth watering cuisines in front of the Customers, but they also spend fortune on ambience

right. now you know what i am talking about. Clearly being a restaurant owner is not easy peasy. It requires a lot of effort,time and money.

So, do u wanna see how some of the best restaurants near Delhi, India had incorporated this pointer in real life situation. Then keep your eyes peeled.

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1. Courtyard Cafe

This place is known for its one of a kind interior and amazing environment and the food is not bad either.

Order Online at Courtyard Cafe


2. Civil House

Epic interior right the food was as epic as well. Civil House is Situated in the Khan Market Area.

Click to order food from - The Civil House

3. The Tea Room - Blossom Kochhar

Stop, don't just leave by seeing the pictures. I know right this place is amazing. Tea House is situated in Hauz Khas, New Delhi,Area. Yes the Party Hub of Delhi. So i had the best Spaghetti and Apple Pie all that in 500 INR. crazy right yes it is. Ah.. with all the books and Tea to accompany you just don't want to leave this place.

Click here to Order from Tea room 

4. Anna Maya - Andaz Delhi


Click here to order food from AnnaMaya

Hey, want to know more about this places i talked about. Check out my video and see for itself. Till then Keep Travelling and eat healthy.

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But this article and photos are all mine. 

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