The Girl with Sparkle in her eyes.

I was a doll all my life, Who was told was best for you and what you should do. Before even trying something new I would have been warned that you will fall. and I accepted the way it was. But when I realized that if I do that my whole life which is a miracle is going to pass and I will be just like others in the crowd of 7 billion people. The day I decide to take the wheels in my own hand. I rebelled.

I rebelled from everyone, I started asking questions, I started taking the risk. I Started saying what the worse could happen than been died. When I will be a 80 year old lady do I want my life to be a boring series of events or an exciting adventure. And most of all I wanted to find why I am born. What is all these façade for. I definitely don’t want a life that involves getting a rich guy to marry me and then have two cute kids, have a garden and then retire. I want more I want to travel I want to taste and smell aromas all around the world, I want to make friends all across the continent or more all around the world. So  that one day when I see death I will greet her with a smile on my face and say I DID IT MY WAY.

Unlike most people I don’t want a home or a car, I want my passport to be full of stamps. I would rather own a house then have a tent over the hills of Himalayas sipping tea in the morning. but all this is not easy, see in order to be a rebel you have to break hearts and question time to time why are you so different, why are you not like other people ? Why not make your parents happy ? Get Married have kids why not that.

I swear to that almighty being I have had this thoughts countless time. every time I tried to silence this voice in my head that says “Do what you like”. I could hear something inside me screaming at a louder voice. At the end of the day I ask myself ” Am I really Happy”. Why I am trying to be someone else when I can be me. Why in the world am I bothered by what society thinks. I have to just convince Two people on this planet and that’s it.

The source of that sparkle in my eyes – My Mom and My Dad.


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2 thoughts on “The Girl with Sparkle in her eyes.

    1. Thank you so much …..
      I really feel like that sometimes
      but i also know that i and only i can change my destiny

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