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Sunder-Nagar - For most people these is just a place you cross while going from Delhi to Kasol. or a place to refuel. It was for me but that changed. And it Changed good. So, Long story Short. This article is about "How i missed my prashar lake trek" But ended up exploring sundernagar. So if you haven't got the idea that i am weeping by own. Keep reading you will get the idea.

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Let's dive in.

So, some of my very close friends planned a trip to Prashar Lake. And i also wanted to go so i said yes. The plan was to leave on friday night and reach Sundernagar in the morning and then on monday head out for the trek and reach prashar lake by evening.  It was all set. I had already a bag always ready for trips so i was good to go. My parents also said yes to this trip. So nothing can stop me now. My work  place was also okay with the 3 days leave ( after a series of negotiation). I was totally wrong. . And everything went down the drain. According to the plan  I have to met at Kashmiri Gate Metro Station with my friends but that plan never came into execution as i got stuck in a huge pile of work ( Courtesy to my Boss) and missed the bus. Well i had the thought of ditching them but then i remembered i do nothing in holidays and feel completely useless and slip into depression which i do not want. So, I called a ola. And reached Kashmiri Gate and then Booked a ticket called my friends that i am coming ( finally ) then updated my Instagram Story. And by the time i woke up i was in Sunder Nagar.


Sunder Nagar was formerly a Princely state known as Suket. The fascinating beauty of this small town is embraced by the man-made lake produced by the waters of Beas-Sutlej Project. This project is India's Biggest Hydel Project. It is known for its shady and high towering trees. The green beauty is perfect for a winter as well as summer get away. It might be a small town but visiting here will surely sooth your mind and soul. And this is what the Internet has to say. And you get the picture it is a beautiful city.

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So, i reached morning and stayed at my friends places. Did i mention that one of my friends is a Local of Sundernagar and we stayed at his place. Then first thing in the morning we went to a  beautiful hike to a  Temple called mountaintop which looks like this.




and then we went inside the most gorgeous buddhist temple that is just worth sitting and concentration on a Higher power.




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After this beautiful spiritual Place we went to Another beautiful  Temple and I bet the view was Million bucks.



As the day ended we went to our friends place and enjoyed a delicious Home Made Meal.  But Life has the tendency to throw lemons at you.

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I got a call from office that i have to come back again. This was Sunday Night and Monday we are supposed to go to Prashar Lake. And That's it with heavy heart i grabbed my Backpack and Caught a bus at the middle of the night and head back to Delhi. I was so devastated about missing this opportunity. But hey as i told you win some you lose some. I get to see the other side of SunderNagar. 


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