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My Motto is to ensure that nobody ever goes to sleep hungry by a honest restaurant review

Assisting people to discover great places around them through a restaurant review.

In Travel with Shama, I Shama Parveen gather information from every restaurant around me (as i travel a lot so) be it a new one or old one about the meals on a regular basis to ensure that you find a great recommendation for your meal time. I do not include any review of a fast food chain. But a family Restaurant review is a completely different scenario. While I taste great food and write about it. I also share their reviews and photos, so you have all that you need to make an informed choice.

Building amazing experiences around dining.

Starting with information about restaurants review I am trying to make your dining smoother and more enjoyable with services like online ordering and table reservations.

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Now, you will think I am getting paid by a restaurant to write good things about them or like a free meal. So let me clear your misunderstanding – I DON’T. I have an intermittent love for tasty food as I grew up in a very loving Muslim environment where like in every culture food was the most important part and thus I decided I should share this knowledge with you all by doing restaurant reviews. And as this it seems that this is called a profession “THE FOOD BLOGGER”.  I am not a Food Expert or any sort of personnel but I KNOW IF IT’S GOOD FOOD. (I SURE DO). And while doing so i meet a great group of People which is a plus side to it.

And If you a restaurant owner and would like showcase you signature cuisines. Feel free to contact me at the Contact page of website –

I Pay for my meals. I believe that the best compliment for a chef is to Pay for the meals, So I do not do free meals

I stay away from alcoholic drinks.( I drink water), and i usually prefer Sasta, Sundar, Quick Food that are made in small kitchens rather than at a fancy restaurant, So this type of post will be less. Of course If i came across such place where i can find great quality food ( although i have to spend more than the usual) I will surely give it a try and inform you all.

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