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With a diploma in Travel and Tourism Management in my bag and a passion to travel around the world. I Shama Perveen do a Property review and evaluate a variety of services and amenities at hotels, such as room service, food offerings, and pool areas. I also work for hotel chains or private companies to assist in rating hotels in my property review. I  travel locally, regionally, and even nationally, depending on the types of establishments or brands I evaluate.  With a comprehensive knowledge of Hospitality management subjects.and 1 year professional experience in the field to know all the basic terminology of Tourism. I share the experience of my travel stay with other travelers in order to make their stay more comfortable.

Strong written communication skills, ability to work alone for long periods of time, time management skills, and word processing skills are one of my virtues as they help me to reach out a large number of audience over my social media account giving the property more views and in-turn giving business to the target property. I also have a good knowledge of videography and thus produce high quality videos of the property which either used by me on my social media platform or can be used by the owner

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I have always had the willingness to travel very frequently actually i want to turn this into my full time business. And for that i do not charge any monetary aid from the property owner instead i ask for 2N/3d stay along with the food expense in their property ( Pick and Drop Facility also included).

monetary aid from the property owner instead i ask for 2N/3d stay along with the food expense in their property ( Pick and Drop Facility also included).

I also sign an written agreement with the hotel owner that for at least  1 month, i  will promote the property on my social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap-chat, YouTube.

Parfait, the roar resort - Ramnagar, Corbett

My Review

If you are into Adventure, Animals and mostly Cats( i do), then you got to visit Ramnagar, this place is so beautiful and large and so greenish that you will just forget the noises of the city, tariff cities and cars. This place is all about the wide roads and less population. Now if you are visiting Ramnagar then you need a place that reflect the city. And i will share an honest review of a beautiful resort that is in corbett - Parfait The Roar Resort.

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This is a beautiful 5 star property that resides in the outskirts of Ramnagar so it away from hustle of the city which is good right. A huge front yard with Badminton court and swings which leads to a beautifully decorated lobby that has a massive elephant and tiger portrait welcoming you. A great restaurant where you have all you can eat buffet with gorgeous view. A Pool that is so beautiful and relaxing where you can sip margaritas and unwind. A large garden where you can watch stars at night, And the double sized room that have TV, Wi-Fi and clean bathroom( which i love) and a quick room service all these in a stylishly decorated manner, glass windows and a huge comfy bed.

Rooms - *****, Food - ****, Amenities - ****, Green - *****, Service - *****

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