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I Shama Perveen, Solemnly Pledged that what ever Products I Encounter, I will write an Honest Review about it, And this is Not a paid sponsorship or any kind of promotional Gig, No one is paying me to review this products. ( Although it would help- Kidding ).This are my opinion of the products I used and I do not intend to harm the Label or the brand. We encounter so many things Online From a Travel bag to Neck pillow a day to day life products and still in the dilemma to Choose whether this will be worth the money paid or  the product delivered will be broken or replaced, if you have such questions, then you have come to the right place my friend. I am a regular online shopper ( I hate Malls and Markets ) and I buy regularly useful stuff for my travel so here is your one stop solutions for all travel related problems.


Rating - ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I am very much pleased with the Yoga mat from Deivee.

This is apparently  the only yoga Mat that is made out of Organic Grass.- Sambu is a natural cooling grass that has its origin from India. This  yoga mat  had a long story of its origin It is  made by a 65-year-old man who has held on to the traditional form of mat making using antique hand powered loom. Vajra mat is THE BEST YOGA MAT i have encountered till no. It is a great initiative taken from Deivee to care for both our environment while focusing on Heath. Most people don't have a clue that the yoga mat they use is made up of Plastics and its Byproduct that is very harmful for our environment. I am a full time traveller and travelling is no joke, I travel solo and take local transport and that is very painful on the body, the long rides, reclining chairs and weird passengers and only 20 minutes of sleep takes a toll on the body next day, and i need to be fully alert and charged fro my travel so i opted yoga to help me fill good and positive even with less sleep. Now the question arises was how to choose my First yoga Mat. The criteria are your height, Materials thickness and of course the material from which it is made of. after looking for a month and trying out countless mats. I came Across the Deivee Yoga Mat - Vajra. And i immediately fell in love. They won my heart by telling me that it is made of Grass, I am a very active environmentalist. And believe that Nature has answers fro everything. Love this mat it is very lightweight and super trendy as well. My Prayers has been answered .


Vajra - the best Yoga Mat 

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RATING -  ******


I am a very technical Person, I love my Gadgets and especially my laptop. Mboss has provided me with this smart looking option that allows to be stylish and comfortable all the time. earlier i had to carry a separate bag for my  laptop while i am travelling and separate bags for my batteries and Files and charges, that creates a lot a luggage and confusion, and i believe in less luggage while i travelling. And now my prayers has been answered as i have found this ultimate laptop bag that carries my laptop safely, along with my other accessories it has a space of 15 litre which is huge and contains real leather texture. The Chains are also heavy duty. The material itself can carry heavy weight without any wear and tear. I mean  it is in 3 different colour plus it is very gorgeous to carry around. ( Compliments guaranteed). I loved it 


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