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Mcleodganj – The name is difficult to pronounce for an outsider.

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As for a person that frequently travels like me is a piece of cake. For some this a safe haven.

For some this is a party destination, and for some its a place to forget everything.  See this is one of the places in India like Delhi that accepts you for who you are. NO QUESTION ASKED.

If you are person who likes to chill in the mountain alone come to Mcleodganj. If you a Groupy come to Mcleodganj, if you are a party person. 

COME TO MCLEODGANJ. pack our bags and go. My agenda to go there was to chill in the most beautiful mountain.

Morning at Mcleodganj

I came to Mcleodganj the day after a huge storm passed

and buses would not go up and it was starting to get rain, and we have to walk on foot.

It was the time around 6 am. The hotel was 9 km way BTW so i had to go further by foot.

Mcleodganj Market 

After my coffee. I had to the beautiful Market of Mcleodganj where i got the glimpse of beautiful street market.


No this not the famous Dal Lake of Jammu and kashmir, although it’s close. 

The beautiful landscape will blow your head off. You just want to stare and look into the beauty.

The still water of the lake is just pure beauty and it just give you the feeling of nothingness.

If there is no noise on the street this place can go as close to meditation. Really

Himachal Stadium

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Like the saying.

You will not find this place to be called as”A tourist attraction” but trust me history is written in this stadium.

To tell you the truth, i have never had any sort of exercise in my life,

Nope i have never lifted a weight nor woke up in the morning to jog (is that real) .

Bhagsunag waterfall.

Another gem in the lap of Mcleodganj –

  This is a beautiful spot to just surrender to the beautiful waterfall stone cold water.

Triund Trek

So when i decided i wanted to trek Triund  the crown jewel of Mcleodganj –

(How to reach and do this trek and total budget) .

Situated in the laps of dhauladhar mountains.

it has the perfect view of the dhauladhar mountains on one side and kangra valley on the other.

It’s a 7km straight up trek. I didn’t know what i  was thinking.

I thought what could go wrong as everyone said

it is so beautiful and it was my first trekking and i was super excited.

I prepared with basic things like

Clothes, First Aid-Kit, and lots of warm clothes and i thought i was ready( worst mistake ).

So we started our trekking  and at first 1/2 an hour everything was good,

very pleasant and the sought of gave me  a feeling of bear grylls.

And then weather started changing

it was good at first very pleasant, first few Kms were just the time of my life.

and I was like ” I am Pretty Good at this ” and as we reach the Magic Cafe,

the first stop of our trek, or you can say the real trekking started from here,

the view was breathtaking, and the fog started swimming up and i could not believe my eyes.

From this point one I made a furry friend which accompanied me to the mountains.

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as I went up,

My thoughts wandered off and i thought

why i didn’t do the morning walks, or went with my brother to play a sport,’

by the time my mind came out of these beautiful scenery, my legs are all out of strength.

I was breathing heavily and the hailstorm was at its peak.

And as they came down with the speed of 30 km per hour striking at my body all over

and leaving me with excruciating pain like someone was pricking me needles.

I started thinking of going back.

This is the native flower of the region and apparently you cannot pluck this flower and keep it with you.

my guide (Yes i was with a guide nobody is allowed to go alone except for the locals)

gave me motivation that “ Madamjii aapki saare pareshani upar pahuch ka dur hojayagi” ( your every worry will disappear after you reach up).

I somehow climbed up.

I was wearing this Good for nothing raincoat (100 Bucks) in order to protect 25 camera and my phone ( I don’t mind the rain )

And as we reached the top after 17191 steps ( I had a watch to calculate my steps)

the weather got worse due to that I never got the chance to take my camera out.

As the sun was setting temperature dropped to -5*C and i lost all my opportunity to capture the landscape.

Another bad news my bag was wet, No Not the one with camera but the one with the clothes.

So i had no choice but to stay in my one piece of clothing which was in my camera bag.

But I enjoyed the food prepared by the guide

thought he had it worse than me, and as the night progress the wind started shaking my tent so there goes my sleep.

Still i cannot do anything and luckily the radio on my phone was playing old Hindi songs which calmed me down a little.

And i had few hours of interrupted sleep as i was thinking I will never go trekking again.

I woke up at 5:30 in the morning

and my face was Swollen already due to lack of sleep of course.

But as soon as i opened the tent i forgot everything.

The view was spectacular, and i was smiling at the view. I immediately brought the camera and started exploring.

Then a voice echoed in my Mind “THIS IS WHY U SAID YES TO THIS TRIP”

and you will go trekking again.

It was so beautifully that words are not enough,

while writing this article i can smell the fresh soil after rain again.

But unfortunately  i had to go back to  say bye – bye

To all that I saw and also to come back with a lifetime of experience

beautiful scenery deeply engraved in my mind, never to be forgotten again.


  1. Waterproof Bag  – Buy a waterproof bag here
  2. Carry a polythene bag
  3. Carry a heavy duty Raincoat – Buy a heavy duty raincoat Here
  4. Never over pack (Cause i Did and i paid with a back pain)
  5. Waterproof Shoes – Buy a waterproof shoes Here

Here check out other tips before travelling – “Tips for Travelling”

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Thanks a lot for the post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

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Hi Shama, that was an amazing post. I have been to Mcleodganj a year back and reading your article took me there again. Thanks for sharing.


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