How to get freed From Travel Stress ? Find Out.

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"How to make your travel free from stress"

Yeah yeah we all get excited before a Trip and the amount of photos to boast are in 1000’s and the end of the day. But the excitement of travel before going on a trip and the stress after coming from a trip are the two truest facts of my life.  I get Sloppy, only wants to sleep and crave junk food. But hey Stress in any sort of way is bad for you. Stress Immediately weakens your immune systems, Shrinks your brain, Slow down the metabolism and for some of us, leads to eating disorder (I eat sweets when I am stressed and in turn my weight increases tremendously fast). No as I welcomed the New Year I have made of Resolution of “Eating Healthy and Exercise”. I immediately turned to a nutritionist and changed my diet. Now I eat Granola and Berries for breakfast, Lunch involves healthy carbs, lots of vegetable and Juice. And dinner I eat traditional Indian meal. And apart from that I also practice YOGA it has been a month, I am waking up at 6 am and do 15 minutes of yoga. And I seriously feel that my body is getting quicker and can handle my demanding job. I feel less drained after work hours.

But Yoga is not only the way that you can De-stress yourself.

Ways of de-stressing before & after travel (My own personal opinions)





  1. Yoga – which is on top of my list, has many benefits. Practicing yoga everyday not only helps your body to get into a state of balanced metabolism but also it increases your attention span. You look at everyday problems with a whole new perspective. Yoga also helps in increasing flexibility (Now touching your toes while sitting is not a problem for me). You don’t get cough and cold easily. Your injuries heal faster (Wolverine also Practices Yoga). It also helps in building muscles strength and tone (good Lord have you seen Colin Farrell and RDJ, Let’s just focus on my topic for now). As you know, before starting a Yoga Regime. The first question that comes to your mind is that –

“How to choose my yoga mat” “Is there any specific criteria that I have to follow” “Do I just go buy the mat that has good reviews over internet or do a research”

But, don’t worry I got you cover. After searching for like 1 month and reading at 50 article and watching countless videos. I broke down choosing a perfect Yoga mat for you into 3 simple criteria. And this will help you to find that Perfect Best friend for you. (The Yoga Mat)

  1. Thickness - Now, You will think what does a yoga mat has to do with Thickness. But you don’t want your yoga mat to be too light as it can easy slide over the surface, neither too heavy so that you can’t carry without getting a pain in your forearms. So it has to have a perfect thickness.

TIP – try a yoga Position over the mat you are thinking of buying and test it out

  1. Length – You don’t want you’re mat to be too short, in case you want your beautiful feet to get hurt when you are practising your Yoga Stance or too long so that they occupy the largest space in the park while there are others with you.

Tip – Consider your height while looking for a Mat (No matter how beautiful the mat looks, choose the one that is perfectly aligns with your height

  1. Material - Now, as you know the traditional material for yoga Mat is either Polyester or Plastic. But there are companies that have come out with an alternative and more environmental friendly substitute that you will be amazed to know

Eg. There is a company called DEIVEE that manufactures Yoga Mat called “Vajra” that is entirely made up Grass. Yes the grass that you see in parks. Go check it out and their other amazing products

Now watch the video

  1. Playing Games or Running.      


Now, why do you feel so good after a long run or after playing badminton for an hour? That is because your body sweat and burn calories, your mind clears up. And after all that heavy work you sleep better your digestion improves. And Guess what it is great for people like me who get stressed for small things. It improves complexion. Toned thighs (Great) what can i say about them but only positive things. (I know it’s hard for initial days to wake up and run. But it gets sweeter as we don’t give up on this but after 21 days it becomes a habit).

  1. Eating.


I know right this looks sketchy. Eating Like is this a joke. But yes there are gifts from Mother Nature that help you feel better. This Miracle Fruit is “Banana” (Minions Favorite). Yeap Banana is a happy fruit. This Yellow Fruit should be your best friend as it is also a great pre work food. It is a great Source of Potassium plus it is a healthy substitute of my sweet cravings at night or any time of the day. And while you are travelling it is easy to carry in a Tupperware. (Tips to keep banana fresh) as well as Dark Chocolate ( yeap that is right), But hey in moderate level. As banana is can saw Gas and Constipation and weight gain. And well for Chocolate i could say that i  have quit eating it but i am not a quitter.

  1. Dancing.


Now, this you have probably heard of. The reason I didn’t included in the Games or running section is because of its own wide variety of Physical and Mental advantages. It is a Great way to stay fit for all age group. It improves the capacity of heart and Lungs. It also improve the muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness. It leads to better coordination, agility and flexibility which results in improved mental functioning and boost confidence. And while travelling we need to stay in our best shape. So go ahead Dance like no one is watching on your favorite artist songs. (Learn more about the benefits of Dance). 

So go ahead join yourself in a professional course or just have it your way

  1. Laughing.


Ha Ha Ha.  Now I completely sound bonkers right. But it is most effective way of all the above methods. And why Old people say – Laughter is a great medicine well they are not wrong. It leads to healthy physical and mental state. (Wonder why villains live so long  ... Bwahhhhhhhhhhaaaa).  The Reason is behind this only 12 minutes of laughing adds up to one year more in your lifespan ( The laughter has to be genuine, if you find yourself laughing to this go check yourself in to a mental hospital) Cause this is a proven fact ( laughing increases lifespan). It also Increases the strength of your immune system, elevates mood and reverse the effects of stress in your Body. As it relaxes your body. It triggers the release of endorphins which is a happy hormone, it enhances the overall sense of well-being and even temporarily relieve pain.

P.s Tell you my way – I watch Funny Vines on YouTube – I love this 6 seconds Stories they are absolutely funny, I love watching them - Brandon Calvillo, Jayson Nash, Gabbie Hanna, Dope Island, Thomas sanders, Lucas I can go on and on.

I am a frequent traveller and often coming back to my 9-5 routine after taking a break is very hard as I miss the place I was in yesterday, what was I doing at that time yesterday. Sliding through my phone gallery and my camera gallery I try to relive all the moments I spent there. I feel Very nostalgic. And again coming back and looking at my boss face I feel very much stressed out. And practising all this method stops me from killing my boss (LOL).  So these are the tips that has been helping me to cope up with my other life (corporate Life).  If you have something of your own way to stop from killing yourself and others after travel break. Just pour your heart out in the comment section and I will give a shout out to you.

Happy Travelling and do tell me in the comments section where are you going next.


Shama Perveen is a Travel and Food Blogger from Central India. After graduating from Asian Institute of Travel and tourism, I worked as a Travel consultant for various Travel companies. Besides Travel and Food, I love  reading, Photography and Creating Brand Content. I plan for World Domination.

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Great explanation to quickly recover from any stress no matter it is due to travel or exam/workload 🙂

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Thank you sunil, for taking the time to read this
And yes this all are my personal methods that i have felt that really helps when you are Stressed Out and can work in any situation
Stress is a real devil this days

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?? nice

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