Get Three Nights for The Price of Two at The Hotel Himalaya, Nainital

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Nainital India is one of the most beautiful Tourist Destination. Nainital Tourism not only consists of Beautiful Hotels, Beautiful lakes but also responsible Tourism is Practiced and Favored. There are many things you don’t know about Nainital – Beautiful City of Uttarakhand. Nainital Lake is one of the Biggest attraction of Nainital ( from the beginning ). Nainital to Delhi roads are also very well maintained. Nainital Weather in March is the best it can get.


The most adjacent Domestic Airport from Nainital is Pantnagar AirportPantnagar, approximately one hour’s drive from the capital.

It is well attached to New Delhi and Mumbai via Jet Airways, Air India, and Spice Jet. The most neighboring International Airport is Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi, a roughly five-hour drive from Nainital.

Although Nainital is a very famous tourist attraction but Heavy vehicles do not enter the City premise and there are smaller vehicles leaving round the clock up to 10 o’clock at night.

Although it is a small city, but I would say hire a guide as well as a car which will be comfortable for you. The area is less into cashless transaction so carry cash with you, although ATM’s are available in the city.

And the weather is Chilly even in summers during the sun is up and it gets worse as the sun gets down, so pack jacket and warm clothes for infants.  


For sightseeing private cars are available, you can also ask your hotel/Hostel to call a private cab for you as well. This are only the ways to can get around in the town without inconvenience. Renting facilities are also available at every hotel desk.


Most places in this city offer affordable options with prices starting from 600/night in hostels and guesthouses. Hotel prices can vary between 3,000 to 10,000.

Depending on the level of luxury you choose. It is always a better idea to choose one which offers breakfast and transfers and also help in inter city transport and day trips outside the city as well. But see what I chose is a semi budget – luxury resort.


Nainital, India is set in a valley containing a mango-shaped lake, approximately two miles in circumference, and surrounded by mountains, of which the highest are Naina on the north, Deopath on the west, and Ayarpatha on the south.

That means that this city is beautiful from every angle. Like I am not a morning person but this city definitely turned in to one during the time.

I stayed here, hell I even watched the sunset sipping my coffee from my beautiful hotel room which is situated just outside the Nainital Lake which makes my rooms with the best view of the Nainital Lake –

Nainital Tourism is highly dependent on Nainital Lake for tourist attraction. Nainital weather in March is just perfect for a boat ride in Nainital lake.


Nainital lake

But let’s get this straight, the main attraction of this place is the Nainital lake which is the main jewel of the crown.

Nainital lake is so important for this place that there are measures taken by the Uttarakhand government like had pipes in the lake to supply oxygen.

Cleaning is done every month and also fishing is prohibited in the lake all year and only once in a year, fish is caught.

I mean due to this the fishes grew up to the size of a grown man arms, that is huge right.


Nainital is famous for exquisite candles and they come in all shapes, Size and flavors and Texture and that also is range form very cheap to expensive so you can shop around so don’t forget to shop for souvenirs.

Thank you so much for reading, Share it with someone who is planning to visit Nainital,India.

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