Foods that you can carry while Hiking/trekking

Welcome Reader ( if you are new or else welcome again)So, I am basically lover of Food & adventure. My favorite thing to do is to go on long hikes and discover the terrain but that does not keep my taste buds to enjoy  delicacies. While you are exploring you cannot miss on your meals, as cooking food is impossible and you totally rely on the local restaurants or cafe or the hostel  kitchen in which you are staying but what about when you are in the middle of no where and you cannot buy food . Then the real challenge comes, It is very important to have at least one healthy meal a day or a snack. And  when i am hiking i am carrying  a lot of stuff which include my gear ( photography), tents, Raincoats and clothes (warm). Among all these i also pack few food items that i can easily keep in a zip lock bag that can be eaten raw, and that does not take a large space. ( i am not a health nut but i like my food fresh) Which comes out as challenge as you cannot carry anything liquid as it accidentally pour out. You either cannot carry juice packet or glass bottles as they can be damaged leaving all your equipment’s dead and clothes smelling like Mango ( I like Mango juice the most). So, I came up with a solution to all this disasters and choosing the food that Healthy, dry and easy to carry in my beautiful Tupperware.

Nuts  -

I  hate cashews so leave that i pack almonds, Walnuts and raisins with me in a zip lock bag, so when every i get hungry i can have a feast plus they are rich in many vitamins and minerals like magnesium, Iron, Calcium and they are loaded with this proteins and fats which provide energy while on the road. Don't believe me  Click to know the Nutritional Content of Nuts.




Raspberry, Mulberry, Blueberry and Of course the Strawberry. This all are my favorite and thanks to science, they come in dried form and can be stored in a zip lock bag anywhere without dyeing your trekking bag ( trust me it happens) and plus they are super healthy loaded with antioxidants.Click to know the nutritional value of berries






Fruits & Vegetables -

It involves carrots, and sweet potatoes and also my personal favorites - Bananas. These bad boys can be chopped and stored in your Tupperware, and can last for 3 days without going bad and are great source of fibers, vitamins that can improve your digestion and well keep your stomach happy and full for a longer period of time.Click here to know the nutritional value of Tubers.

 Energy Bars -

This are my favorite on the entire list - pretty much cause it has Chocolate, Peanuts, Crackers, cashews, Pistachios and many more things which provide you with instant energy when you needed the most while hiking up the mountain or facing a bad weather during a trek.Click here to know the nutritional values of Energy bar

That's all  folks

Tell me about your experience and thoughts on this article or you have you own list in the Comment section down below and don't forget to click on the babies down below and subscribe

Me at jaisalmer fort


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Shama Perveen is a Travel and Food Blogger from Central India. After graduating from Asian Institute of Travel and tourism, I worked as a Travel consultant for various Travel companies. Besides Travel and Food, I love  reading, Photography and Creating Brand Content. I plan for World Domination.

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    1. Yes, but since i am a vegetarian i didn’t include it but dried fruits are great option
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