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Get Best Deals On Cheap Flights

Work demands me to travel around and outside the world quite frequently and spontaneously and i am always in the look out of cheap flight tickets

Last minute flight tickets can be pricey. Looking for cheap flight tickets exposed me to a global web-based travel agency.

Cleartrip which has its headquarters stationed in Mumbai.

Additionally, it also has offices in Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt.

Established back in 2006, Cleartrip behaves as a travel aggregator website

wherein customers can reserve hotels, book train and flight tickets and activities both in India and in the Middle East.

In this article, I have taken care to review the Cleartrip website

that offers great deals on affordable flights thus making flying for me a comfortable experience.

Cleartrip Products and Features

Furthermore, Cleartrip has some characteristic features that not only ensures great deals on affordable flights tickets but makes travelling more comfortable and hassle-free. 

Price Lock: The feature was introduced after a decade of its establishment in 2016 which let customers lock prices for flight bookings. 

Activities: The activities tab would enlist all one could experience or carry out while travelling or locally. 

In-App Flight Amendments: This feature lets customers make changes or modifications to their flight bookings entirely online.

Express Way: Cleartrip enables one click booking using this feature that lets customers store payment details and traveler information.

Instant Search: This feature came into being in June 2017 which made searching for flight tickets and hotel reservations faster and easier on the Cleartrip mobile application.

Google announced its partnership with Cleartrip, Google Flights, which is a flight search application. 

Flexifly: This is a feature perfectly suited for corporate and business officials or frequent travelers as they can

now reschedule their flights, change the date, time or switch flights without having to pay a hefty fine.

Depending upon the travel sector, ticket price, airline type, etc, the solution can pinch one’s pockets by a range of Rs. 149 to Rs. 299.

Why use Cleartrip?

If you are still wondering why Cleartrip should be your pick, let me tell you that the above mentioned characteristics are not enough.

Designed to make booking flights simpler by offering great deals.

on affordable tickets, this site also sports EMI options for costly air tickets,

Fare Alert that will notify you in cases of price hikes or drops and Shortlist feature that helps you draw comparisons among multiple itineraries across dates.

Besides, the online travel agency has a 24*7 customer support system

to provide solutions to your doubts and queries.

Cleartrip takes pride in offering its customers with a comprehensive traveling experience

paired with highly commendable Mobile and Desktop solutions.

The Cleartrip website also has a blog that provides all important related information on booking cheap flight

tickets, how to save more, using Cleartrip Tags, getting VISA on Cleartrip, etc. 

How to Book Flight Tickets at Cleartrip

As you enter the website, you will see a page asking for your departure and arrival cities/ airports

date of departure, number of travelers and class.

As you hit enter, you will be directed to a list of the flights available

with the cheapest options displayed on top.

Moreover, you also have the option of narrowing down your search

by using filters on duration, time, number of stops, etc.

you can compare the prices of flights with other dates using the calendar available on top.

Once settled, the site will try to make your travelling easier by showing

the round city and multi city options.

Hit enter to view results for onward and return at the same time.

The latter or multi city option shows you a catalog for finished itineraries

that saves you time for calculating transfers, time, layovers, etc.

The checkout page is often adorned with sales,

promotions and offers for you to get the best prices. 

When comparing to other popular online travel

agencies like Kayak or Expedia, Cleartrip shows a wider range of flights

ready to make the trip and lower fares.

The main screen is neat and sometimes can even display coupons for promotions and offers.

Depending upon the  site, the default currency option will show-

AED or USD which can be changed once you have picked your flight. 

A Last Thought

I usually go for Air India Express or AIE and it has both international and domestic flights

on Cleartrip enlisted along with prices and availability which makes sudden getaways easy.

It accepts booking up to 3 hours left for the flight to take off.

Although, AIE shies away from having a loyalty program as it claims itself to be a “low-cost carrier” or LCC. 

Booking AIE flights on Cleartrip would be a superb combination of traveling luxury!

Check out the complete list of tickets available,

apply multiple offers and fly in style for your work or vacation!

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