Behold, all the food events in the town your father is here - this is what HORN OK PLEASE is basically. This food festival managed to attract a huge crowd in its second year too ( i didn't expected that). So this is the first food festival i attended and i was very excited about that so much that i forgot my camera's spare batteries and my sunglasses.

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This  food fest was held in Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Just outside the metro station. The tickets were 200 INR. As  soon as i entered i saw a huge crowd taking selfies. After security check up i started exploring the Food Festival. The entry area was taken over by Sweet Shop like Ice-cream sandwiches, waffles Shop. And then there was Hamburger, Sand witch, Hot dogs, Mo Mo stall. After that comes the traditional Indian Veg and Non veg shops Like Kerala Biryani, Kabab, Chola Bhatura shops followed by a music event. But i only tried food from Eggtastic - Chipolata  and Potato Rod with mayo's and Waffles - the classic vanilla and the Oreo Waffle along with Veg - Mo-mos. I tried taking pictures. Enjoy, Watch the video to see for your self.


I have attended the Kids Christmas Carnival of Select City Walk, Saket as a Guest Of Defense Bakery Est 1964. The Carnival was flooded with Children and Their parents. There were various attraction in order to attract Kids as well as the adults.

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The gaint Christmas Tree was the cherry on the top. The Games Involves Slide, Cookie making, Cookie decoration, art and craft and dressing and grooming kids by the professional, various decoration materials stalls, Santa booth, Model plans, Wood decoration, Shoot and Win Games and also various Garments corner where you can get kids Clothing and accessories easily . But the center of the show was Hula Hoop Competition. Where a lot of young talent can be seen, can you hoop 3 hula, this little ones can do. Watch the Video to Know more and do tell me what did you think about them.