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If you are in India and  if you haven't tasted the wind of "DEV BHOOMI", then you are missing out my friend.

"DEV BHOOMI" is an acronym for Himachal Pradesh. I once heard a maharaja ( A guy who cooks food) telling me that "Madam aap devi bhoomi mai ho, Kis baat ka darr hai aapko" - he was saying you don't have to be sacred in Dev bhoomi. Actually i was alone in a camp, and it was raining and he served me food and saw the nervousness in my face and tried to comfort me with this piece of advice. and i think it worked - fast forward today i am good friends with that guy and also now a less sceptical when i am in "DEV BHOOMI". It's literal meaning is the "lands of God". Although INDIA has its "GOD OWN COUNTRY" as well. But i haven't been there.

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Dev Bhoomi -  It is a  word that instantly takes you in a journey of mountains, Clean water, Clean air and the feeling of being safe. I mean literally being a solo female traveler you just had to be careful. But in Dev Bhoomi you can just let a little bit loose. Dharamshala is one of the place that you can let loose. Dharamshala is located in Himachal pradesh - India. If you are outside of India then you have heard about this place in the New call of Duty black ops 2 game. If not a video game fan like me then please google it. I am pretty sure you will be buying tickets to this place as soon as your salary comes.


"DHARAMSHALA" is the second capital of Himachal Pradesh ( Can you tell what is First - On to the comment section).  It is the district headquarters of Kangra district in India. It was formerly known as Bhagsu.And Home of His Holiness - DALAI LAMA ( he is a great spiritual leader ) . Dharamshala is 18 kilometers from Kangra.  You have heard of TEA DRINKERS ( i am one of them ), Well  "DHARAMSHALA" is known for its  Tea garden  and especially the "KANGRA TEA".

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So, lets just dive into the place i stayed for my weekend trip in Dharamshala


For the starters i want to you imagine a camp by the side of a river. Now add all the accommodation you can find in any Luxury class hotel. Now hold that image that is camp lungta Don't believe me. Well look for yourself.




Get ready to see a lot  of green in this Story. That was really smooth right. I know i am a smooth criminal XOXO



Let me tell you that this is not a regular camp now it has been touched by Master Blaster. Now it is a Legend Wait for it, I hope you are lactose intolerant Legend- DAIRY.

Rooms -


Food Served -

Now, If you are that kind of person who loves when someone  cooks for you with love no matter what like it can be salad or a soup and you will eat it and it be nothing compared to any fancy cuisine you have tasted.  Cause i have tasted my share of fine cuisine and trust me there is nothing like a Home Cooked Meal served hot. And being in Himachal and not have a pahadi taste is just a huge crime.

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Activity Enjoyed

It will be a shame if a beautiful place like this will not have a something to go with it. I am talking about a good adventure activity so fear not they also have a wide range of activity to do. If you are that type of person who do not like to stay still ( Like me)

They Provide -  Paragliding Tour, Nature Tour and also a Guided City Tour ( Extra Charges for that )

But I have done Something different Like a TREK and they also have a natural swimming Pool which i took a look.





Unfortunately my trip ended and i went back to my crazy life style in Delhi but with a lot of friends and a bag full of memories.

and with a cute selfie, I say goodbye to my Lovely readers

Do tell me what do u think about this place in the comment section 

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