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My year book quote is – “Life is short so eat your Dessert first”. So, I am your typical Indian Style Foodie that loves her Burger wale bhaiya in the end of the alley and with physics defying logic I can gulp down my Maha Burger at one Go without dropping anything. You can win me over by food. Yes literally as some great figure ones said (Garfield The Cat – aka my role model). – “Love me feed Me and never leave me” This is what I live for Period. My Salary is divided into – Rent and My food. I already have plans for where to eat next ( No future plans though).
Thank thank you for the applause*
But when it comes to desserts, Even the experts can fall beneath and crumble down like a piece of Sandcastle. As I am talking about Dessert we all weak. And there is no such thing as “Too much Sweet or people who do not like sweet”. Some of us are thinking about it all day. Some of us have an unusual craving of Gulab Jamun or a Cheesecake at the middle of a night. we need to have a piece of sweet after we our meal. (I eat six times a day), but hey I also Practice yoga and running with a healthy diet.
But Forget healthy today, I am going to talk dirty with you today.
Today I am going to talk about the biggest, the baddest, heaven on Earth, the “DESSERTS”
We all have a place near our home or a café where we go on a Special Occasion to treat our self when we are happy or sad (mostly when I am stressed) and my guilty pleasure is DESSERTS. Yes,this thingis must for me. I am 100% sure that for me there is no such thing as enough sweets. But there is limit to my pocket and I need to pay rent to my landlord as well
So, I broke down my favourite places in Delhi – NCR to go when you are craving for a sweet that tickle your every bone of the body and most importantly it will not burn a hole in your pocket.
So Here they are –

1. Defence bakery

Defence bakery is situated in the Defence Colony of Lajpat nagar in Delhi. And has been there for more than 50 years and offers us a great variety of baked products in a middle man pockets range. They have everything – Cakes, Cookies, Muffins, Pastries, breads, Buns and gods know what they have in their kitchen, but I am sure it must be of top notch taste. But I am telling you, they have an Atom Bomb in their kitchen as well (Not really). It a bomb of taste. And they have acquired the first position in my list because of their Chocolate Muffin Cupcake or you can say their muffin cupcake. It comes in Vanilla and Chocolate flavour. Now you can say that this bakery never have a rest time, it is always filled with people looking for their favourite desserts and god forbid if any occasion pops up then good luck finding your treats, cause as soon as they come they finish off. They are also into social activities like engaging young buds into art. They have also initiated a no plastic policy in their bakery which is admirable. The interior of the bakery is very bright and spacious. They do not have a sitting. But they have a big heart and bakery. I am a loyal customer of this bakery for almost 1 year now and it has everything I wanted in one place and that too in a nominal price. I mean it is very tough to get muffins right and do it with a ease every time.

Order Online or through Zomato - https://www.defencebakery.in/

2. Artful baker

Now, lets talk about Something Special. And the name, Artful baker pops up. The Artful Baker offers the best of artisan breads & patisserie, combining authentic techniques with quality ingredients. Artful Bakery is in Khan Market that serves the most delicious croissant and I can swear on it. I mean I even brought a second one to take home and i loved it and you will love it too( otherwise are you even human) The cafe is cute and filled with delicious cookies, cakes, and innovative desserts. It is located in a busy street but trust me on this the croissant is something out of extraordinary. They also serves some of the classic cheesecake items like blueberry cheesecake which was also good. They also have a small sitting inside their cafe. Otherwise very warm and cosy atmosphere with the smell of cinnamon in the air all the time. They have a motto – Life is short eat the dessert first which i agree ( My year book quote is stolen from this cafe only). My surprise was that are into innovative desserts in spite having great traditional desserts, they venture into new type of dessert making to entertain people like me that always look for something new.

Order Online or through Zomato - http://www.lbf.co.in/brand/artful-baker

3. Soda Bottle Opener wala

I am taking about desserts here right, so why this restaurant cause they serve the best mawa cake you could ever taste in your life here and that too in a price you won’t imagine, the cake was so delicious that i was hoping that it could never end. It is a Irani Cafe. Thus you can imagine there slogan which is – “ Buttons will Pop. Are you ready ?” They serve Bombay and Irani delicacies. They have main course, side dishes, Combos, Cafe Special, Bar Snacks The restaurant also was so cute, everything was so like a 80’s shop. And it has also a wine bar ( Yes !) so that you can enjoy your favourite desserts with some wine also. They also serve full course meal which has the famous Blueberry Biryani and much more. But that is another story lets come to Mawa Cake which is so On a different level. You will definitely love it. And don’t be fooled by the simple appearance of this bad boy. As soon as you take a bit you will forgot about anything else that is happening outside. The Mawa Cake is traditional Irani dish that has been passed on from generation to generations and Soda Bottle Opener wala team has been effectively presenting to the world for people like us that find desserts should not be only eating at the end of a meal but also before the meal and in between also.

Order Online at Zomato - https://www.zomato.com/ncr/sodabottleopenerwala-sector-18-noida

4. Angels In my kitchen

What can I say the name is just enough. They literally have a angel in their kitchen for the cooking. One word for this place – “exquisite”. Beautiful sitting, variety of cookies and my favourite Red velvet cheesecake – I mean what a Cheesecake, truth to be told my previous experience with cheesecake was pretty bad ( I didn’t liked it) so, per say i was a bit sceptical to go for this option. But it was totally worth it. The rich exquisite taste of the cake, the 5 layers of cheese and the delicious red velvet. They also have rainbow cake to show off but i will say this on my life that this red velvet cheesecake is worth a damn. The cake was made with love and all the mystical ingredient that will you thanks heaven for this delicacy. Angels have their branch in both Noida as well as Delhi, so no excuse as well as they deliver too.

Order Online or through zomato at - http://www.angelsinmykitchen.in/menu/

5. Elma’s Bar, Kitchen and bakery

Now, this place is Situated in Huazkhas - A place which is known for its Night parties. Now the first thing that came into my mind was i have been to Hauz khas like 20 times, Never saw this place or nor might have heard about it, so where is this place. Turns out this is the most Place I HAVE EVER SET FOOT ON. This is a roof top bar, cafe, Restaurant that will completely blow your mind with their food and unique desserts. The minute I entered into the place, it was about good vibes and good food. The ambience was so cute and warm, that I didn’t want to leave. They have a small sitting in the front filled with round tables and antique furniture and flowers with some books, where i enjoyed my lavender tea. And after half an hour I entered in the actual cafe, which was more impressive, the antique décor complimented with fine art and a gigantic clock ( yes the big clock that you see in horror movies no no it’s not creepy but beautiful) and a beautiful White Piano. I was sitting near the piano. There was a carom board also hanging in the wall. But hey let’s not get distracted i was here to taste the unique “ Carrot Cake” which was at first i was bit sceptical but it was as good as the place, the texture of cake and the cheese perfectly balanced as well as the nuts, raisins and walnuts perfectly baked and what can i see presentation wise also i will give 5 star. The cake tasted very good. Not too much sweet equally balanced and to top it all that the service was also good and the owners also was very well spoken.

order online or through Zomato - http://elmasbakerybarkitchen.com/order-online/

So, what do think of this and are you going to try this out these places. If so then please do tell me in the comment section what was your experience. And Hey.. suggestion are always welcome  ( this article is solely on my experience)

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