Astrophotography – Guide To Shoot Stars

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Astrophotography – Let’s say there is way by which you can take Photos like this, Stay on Budget. Don’t worry if you are a ameture photography, this is the right place to turn from Ameture to pro cause this is Astrophotography for beginners

and do all these with a basic Camera and you can do like a pro no need for any special astrophotography lenses just a nikon lens

All you have to do is listen to this Podcast and you are all good to go, trust me on this.


Astrophotography Equipments Required –
1. Camera with a basic Lens ( 18-35mm)
2. Tripod ( Good quality )

Necessary Apps for Astrophotography
1. Star Chart
2. Star Walk 2

Website that will be helpful –
1. Light Pollution Ma

Astrophotography Camera settings
1. Lens – 18mm or Infinity – widest F – 3.5
2. Shutter speed – 20-25 per second
3. ISO – 1600 – 3200
4. Focal Length – ( 500 Rule) – 18*1.5 ( Crop Factor for Nikon) = 27/500 = 19 =20 ( you can experiment on 15 seconds as well )
5. Stabilizer – Off
6. Shoot in Raw
7. Timer – 2 seconds ( for Stabilization)

After taking picture, you can let them to light room and just increase the exposure.I hope you have enjoyed the Episode, do tell me if i missed something or you need any help. I will reply to each one of you.

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