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We are playing a little game. We are playing – “What city i am in”

Clue 1 –

Asia’s Most Haunted Place is Here and a Tiger Reserve with 13 tigers also. Can you guess what place is this. Alright you think that could be anything. Let me narrow it down for you. It is situated in RAJASTHAN. So, did you get it ? Now. Now Come on Come on. Think. Ah don’t Google it. IT’S ALWAR. yes ALWAR. If you guessed it right Kudos, your geography teacher will be proud of you. If not  don’t worry you can always go and become An Instagram Model

I am at beautiful alwar. So Far so good. This place is Famous for its Haunted House and Havelis. Heck this is all i need. I was so attracted from the start. Truth to be told i am a scaredy cat. But i have a Unique Bucket list. And one of them happens to be “Staying a night at a haunted Place”. Don’t worry i did not complete the list. Cause well various reason. But that is not the point, the point is i am attracted towards haunted places. And Alwar happens to be one of them.

Location –

Alwar formerly know as Ulwar, located just 150 km south of Delhi and 150 km north of Jaipur, is a city in India’s National Capital Region.  Alwar is a hub of tourism with several forts, lakes, heritage havelis and nature reserves, including the Bhangarh Fort, the Sariska Tiger Reserve and Siliserh lake.

How to reach –

Basically if you are travelling from Delhi ( like me) then all you have to do is take a A/C Bus to Jaipur Which will cost you just 200 INR ( seriously). You see Alwar lies Just 150 km from Delhi and thus a bus to jaipur will drop you right at the Alwar bus Stop ( just tell the driver). And you are hiring a self driving car then you can check the prizes here.

Where to stay –

Now, if you ask me where to stay, then i will recommend you some place with Taxis, Cause this is not a metropolitan city. This area is situated near a national reserve, so it like staying in a forest. So you have to be extra careful. Alwar is not situated just in between Delhi and Jaipur but a little bit further down the road. So. Research the area or the hotel you have booked ( No hostel Accomodation). Now lets go check out the place that i have stayed.

Gulmohar Sariska Resort

Located in the lap of Aravali Hills, Gulmohar Sariska is a perfect weekend getaway from Delhi (NCR), Jaipur and Agra. 10 acres of lush green area, more than 1000 plants, nature farms and a comfortable accommodation is sure to give a unique experience to those looking to spend quality time with family and friends were an array of activities to unwind and enjoy within the property is available , the resort is in close proximity to some of the most fascinating offbeat tourism spots. I am sure you won’t your WI-FI.

Location –

Set in 10 acres of lush green landscaping, Gulmohar Sariska Resort is located in the beautiful valley of Viratnagar & surrounded by Aravali Hills. It is an ideal holiday destination, tastefully designed in harmony with the peaceful surrounding and a perfect setting to commune with nature. Suitably located facing a picturesque valley, it is an ideal place, economical, affordable and yet with uncompromising comfort for the person seeking rest away from hectic city life.

So, Basically you have to take a serious Drive through from Delhi-Jaipur Route and after 12km “Gulmohar Sariska Resort” will come.

Designed with all the constituents of modern day architecture, Gulmohar Sariska still stays very much in touch with the beauty of nature. It provides you a chance to experience the blend of luxury and comfort along with the sense of being in the middle of the jungle.

Rooms –

The resort stands as a perfect fusion of traditional and modern architecture which is really Fabolous . They have 32 well appointed, air conditioned and comfortable rooms with tasteful interiors. The rooms have been designed and decorated with vision of a homely place where one can unwind and revitalize himself after a long and hectic day. The amazing natural views from balcony during sunset and sunrise relish your experience of being in a cozy natural corner of the world.

So, The Rooms are basically divided into 4 Categories

a) Executive

Situated on the first floor of our main building, there are eight rooms in this category. Each of these rooms offers a stunning sunrise and sunset view from the balcony.  It is a pretty basic room in terms of Lowmen Language. 

Amenities of  Room –  Cable, Double Bed, A/C, Balcony 

b) Premium

Spacious rooms with premium interiors which are spread across two blocks on the ground floor with one of them being just adjacent to the swimming pool.

Amenities of  Room –  Cable, Double Bed, A/C, Balcony , Mini Fridge, Tea Maker.

c) Luxury

This is the top most category that offers twelve rooms with have been designed to give a sense of exclusivity to  the guests. Each room has a separate exterior sitting space which gives a wonderful view of the lush green lawns. ( My Favourite)

Amenities of Room –  Cable, Double Bed, A/C, Balcony , Mini Fridge, Tea Maker, varanda

d) Twin bed Luxury Room

This is the top most category that is  designed to give a sense of exclusivity to every guests. Each room has a separate exterior sitting space which gives a wonderful view of the lush green lawns that is home to variety of Birds 

Amenities of  Room –  Cable, Double Bed, A/C, Balcony , Mini Fridge, Tea Maker, varanda

Hotel Lobby –


Gaming Section –

At Gulmohar Sariska, I can  even take a break from my  regular schedule which involve staring a screen and for once play various indoor and outdoor games including cricket, badminton, volleyball, football, chess, carom etc like those of my precious childhood ( Ah! Those summer afternoons ). Although i am more of a Chess Player, But I am Kind off Into Pool this Days. 

Food –

So, You know me. I am a girl with Fine taste in Food. And when you are in Rajasthan, what is better than Rajasthani Food. Right. So here in gulmohar Sariska i enjoyed authentic Rajasthani Food at in House multi cuisine restaurant. The Dal Batti is a must try ( Pro Tip)



Another eye catching thing about Gulmohar was the Big Lawn that is rumored to  accommodate more than 2000 people perfect for a BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING

and there is also a beautiful Gazebo in the lawn
and this is the beautiful Gulmohar resort readers. now if you more curious then Just visit – Gulmohar Sariska resort 
as well as watch the video for a detailed description

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Bhangarh Fort

Ah, I am so excited  to tell you about this place. It was spooky, It was Eerie, It was all I imagined it to be. Ah! It was Such a dream come true. You can say i am a little Weird. But this place should be on everyone’s list of travel if you are in India. Then you should check this place out.

OMG. The legend is as spooky as the place. Apparently the princess was very beautiful and the Pandit or a Tantrik fall in love with her and well the story is that the princess turned him down and somehow during that he was crushed ( Literally) on a boulder. Talk about Rejection.

And while he was dying he cursed the whole place to total destruction. And it seems his curse came true in the form of mughal invasion. And so locals says that the  place is haunted by the soul of princess and the Tantrik and not until the princess is reborn and visit the place then the curse will be uplifted.

There is no certain facts anywhere but locals say 2 boys from neighbouring village came to spend the night and never returned. Spooky right

My Review

 I felt like a princess as i entered the premise. I started imagining the time when this place would be at the height of its glory. I mean just imagine that lights gleaming upto a km from the castle. And the castle itself would be drowned in light and also i was told that the royal family use to take elephants to just go out for a stroll. The temple must be covered with gold or something at its glory period. Right and now it is just abandoned. And Haunted moreover.  The view was breathtaking though. I mean like a movie but a horror one. Apparently no one is allowed to stay after sunset as it is said to be the hub of paranormal activity. There is a written warning by the government of India about that.

Watch the full episode of Bhangarh fort

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Sariska National Reserve

Sariska National Reserve is the highlight of the day. If you are my one of the avid reader than you know how much of a big fan i am of the felines, If you are new then I will tell you again “I LOVE CATS”every CAT. The Big one, the small one and the fierce one, the shy ones, the cute ones. I could talk about them all day.

Location –

Sariska Tiger Reserve is a national park and tiger reserve located in the Alwar district of the state of Rajasthan, India. This area was a hunting preserve of the Alwar state and it was declared a wildlife reserve in 1955. It was given the status of a tiger reserve making it a part of India’s Project Tiger in 1978.

So another reason i visited this place was to Cross of another bucket list – “SEE SOME TIGERS”. Yes I have never seen them out the idiot box. Really. I am an avid traveler but this blessings has not been bestowed upon me. So i got another chance cause my first one fails – Jim Corbett .

So these is the place. You curious one. I know looks beautiful right. It was beautiful.

Hey, But unfortunately i had no luck and could not spot any tiger. But i did see spotted antelopes and a giant lizard.

Watch my Review

Points to Remember

So,I learned this the hard way, But you don’t have to. These are the tips i am going to give you if you are visiting this beautiful place.

  1. A Good Hat is a must cause the place, it is a like a open ground. And seeing a tiger requires a lot of waiting and sun tan is a real thing.
  2. A water bottle is a another must have item. Cause this place is huge with no refreshments and it does have a toilet but it is not proper.
  3. If you are carrying a carrying a camera there is a additional cost.
  4. Be early in that you can spot a tiger.

watch my experience in this video


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