Shama perveen

– A story teller, a traveler, travel blogger, writer, content specialist and photographer and a Food lover

And I believe that ” If it doesn’t scare you it is not big enough”

Travel Blogger 

After 4 years of sitting beside a desk and saying “yes” to everyone even though i was burning inside and faking a smile, and making everyone happy.  I decided to change my life. I decided to be the author of my own life. I decided that i am going to say “No”. No to anything that makes me unhappy, then i decided i want to travel. I have been a series of difficult treks, Safari rides and beaches.

The blog  is new  and  act as a platform to share my travel experiences. What started as a passion became a profession eventually and I travel a lot this days especially within India extensively. I became a traveler and a story teller and my stories find a voice on my blog,

The blog has started gaining attention, and as my prime objective is to motive more people like me that been buried under the mountain of responsibility and been told that her/his dreams are too big for her to pursue their dreams no matter how small or how big or how irrelevant . I have worked with many restaurant, Property owners and travel magazines too.

An  frenzy social media enthusiast, I consult travel companies i order to build an audience for them.

Travel Writer

I am not a huge travel writer, but yes my articles has been Published by HoBoh – and international travel company and i am continuously trying to improve myself by learning about Travel industry each day passing.

Media Coverage

Seriously i am not bragging or anything but, unknown internet people like what i write (crazy right). So by Faith in Allah i started this blog and i hope this will turn out to be for a lot of people

Media professional

When I am not travelling, I am a content and communications professional, a business head and start up specialist having worked in Travel companies designing dream holidays for unknown people and imagining myself in their scenarios like – by the banks of Danube river or by skiing in glaciers  . I have been planning to  launch and set up my own Travel Company (wish me luck)


I am constantly looking for challenges, projects and new initiatives across travel and media. I am open to brand associations and tie ups and content marketing initiatives. You can contact me for any exciting assignment, FAM trips and blogger meets. You can contact me at and below are my social assets.

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