7 movies that will inspire you to Travel

by Travel with Shama

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When I finally had a holiday for traveling but when bad weather said – Not this time. I decided to give “Movies” a chance which is usually my least favorite thing to do, Instead of jumping into Latest block buster hits I thought let’s do some digging and through the depths of the internet, I found 7 movies that will make me feel less miserable without traveling.( it was a movie marathon) and sleep is for weak.

1. Queen

This film stars Kangana Ranwat, a typical girl whose dreams are to get married with the love of her life. But every thing went down to the drain when the groom gets Cold feet just a day before marriage and she was dumped. (talk about Love). Well in order to overcome this tragedy she decided that she will go on to her honeymoon alone to Europe and rest is history. I will not spoil your suspense. This is a movie you should watch as it will take you into a laughter spree as well teach you an important lesson of ” Self Worth”

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2. The secret life of Walter Mitty

I can literally relate to this guy, He Zones out and imagine scenarios and get caught while doing it ( i do it like a pro so only my mom understand I am zoning out). But in reality, he is a regular guy who wants to get the attention of his crush. And this leads him to embark on a journey that will turn all of his fantasy into the real experience and turn him into a nobody to somebody. And it will make you just wanna pack your bags and GOOOOOOO.

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3. Into The Wild.

This Movie is really something, it’s not your usual comedy film, that gives you a good feeling about traveling shows your beautiful location and then say “leave everything and travel”. This movie takes you and shows you both the bad and the good side of traveling, and what is the cost to be paid for being a traveler. This Movie is beautiful, stunning, Breathtaking, Visually magnificent and also dark at the same time. Watch the movie and decide whether you are really made for traveling.

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4. Tracks

It is a real story, Boom and the excitement level is 100. It is a story of a  young woman goes on a 1,700-mile trek across the deserts of West Australia with four camels and her faithful dog. And the premise of the movie is “leave Everything behind”. As I watch the trailer of the movie before watching the entire movie( and I judge). It starts with the woman saying when people ask why she does it, she answers “why Not” I stopped the trailer and went straight to watch the movie. I mean I love this type of people that refuse to accept the social norms.

Click me to watch the Full Movie – Tracks


5. Wild

I Know another wild movie, about travel but this is deep, this movie will bring out the past that we all try to forget, our screw ups, how we hurt the people that love us the most and the main lead of the movie realises all this after walking 1000 miles in the desert of southern California. She connects to me. unlike her, I do not deal with my sadness instead of that I try to hide it under my fake smile, by occupying my brain with work. She dealt with all the pain in her life by traveling. This movie has taken home many Academy awards.

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6. The Beach

This is one of the earliest performance of heart throb Leonardo DiCaprio. And God It is beautiful (I am talking about Leo also). The film has been shot in the exotic location of phi- phi island in Thailand and after that, it became a magnet for tourist and I can see why not. The film is about a young guy who roams around the world to find a map which shows the location of a place filled with treasure, which brings them to phi-phi island, and this movie inspires me to just pack my bags and book a ticket to Thailand.

Click me to watch the Full Movie – The beach


7. Yeh Jawaani hai deewani –

This movie is the story of every travel junky in this world, Bunny who is our lead character wants to explore the whole world and while doing he misses out normal things in his life like friends, relationship, and heartbreaks. So while attending a wedding of one of his closest friends he meets up with an old classmate and they fall in love and now he has to decide whether he wants to pursue his career or live a normal life. Romantic yet Practical bunny have only one chance to choose.

Click me to watch the Full Movie – YJHD

and that’s all folks, comment if I missed some movie or if you agree with my list.

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