10 Quotes that makes me – “Never Give up”


It was a big shock to me when my role model “My Dad”told me one day that “Your dreams are too big for you”and i was Speechless ( that rarely Happens). In a sense he was right, I know my dreams are too big for a 5’3 inch girl like me, but it is not impossible.

so, when life throws me a lemon – I look for Vodka and Salt.

Here are 10 personal quotes that make me feel better ( it requires a huge bite of Chocolate also).

  1. I am not born to follow like a Sheep but led like a Wolf.giphy-downsized
  2. The worst thing that could happen to me is Only and Only – Death, rest doesn’t matter.giphy
  3. One step at a time.giphy-downsized (1)
  4. I never give up, that’s not me.giphy-downsized (3)
  5. I believe that Hard work is the only way to success.giphy (1)
  6. I am a beauty with brains. giphy-downsized (4)
  7. I am going to make it, not now, not today but one day definitely.giphy-downsized (5)
  8. Everything is a lesson.giphy-downsized (6)
  9. I am still learning.giphy-downsized (8)
  10. I am Human, I Am prone to make mistake but repeating the same mistake is not me.giphy-downsized (9)


I Hope, I added a Spark in you to Try again
as Robin Williams Said-
“You have only one Spark Of Madness and you mustn’t lose it.”

giphy-downsized (1)

giphy-downsized (2)

giphy-downsized (3)
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